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The plaque at the right shows a little of the diversity I enjoy in woodworking. It was made for a friend & past commodore of the Whitby Yacht Club. Another friend, who I had made a plaque for the previous year, supplied me with a beautiful piece of Brazilian Mahogany. Because of the width the plank was ripped in two. The two pieces were then resawed to produce 4 thinner pieces. Two were rejoined for the background & the third scroll sawed with her boats name. When this was glued to the background piece the grain matched to appear as a carving.

The offset candlesticks appearing to the left are truly sensual to the touch. The metal top is polished steel. They are very difficult to duplicate as exact pairs so I do not attempt to do it. Originally I attempted to create a very hard regular base to act as a contrast to the flowing shape of the candlestick. With the bases being so regular I was also attempting to provide some semblance of a set if a pair was desired. The darker ones are walnut with the lighter one being oak.

The little bowl to the right is a little closer view of a laminated bowl. It is only 6" in diameter by 3" high. It contains 74 pieces of wood consisting of ash, walnut, maple, Brazilian mahogany & oak.