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I am a happily married man, 53 yrs old. I have been married 30 yrs (31 yrs Sept 21st 1999) to a wonderful woman with a great sense of humour. She claims the proof of her sense of humour lies in the fact that she married me.

I am a master electrician & electrical contractor with a very small company called Rampant Electric. If you are interested I have a small web page for the company. Click on the company name to see it.

I live in Whitby Ontario Canada, If you don't know where that is or are interested visit the Whitby link for a small map.

Originally from a small town in England, Knaresborough, in Yorkshire. I came to Canada at the age of 7.

Since my early teens I have been very interested in woodwork. When an oil tank fell over on my electric train set I used the insurance money to buy a small wood lathe, a table saw  scroll saw& small joiner. My train set was not that elaborate, so I went for quantity in tools not quality! I started collecting Popular Mechanics in the 50's & did so faithfully until they changed to a Popular Science type format. I am strictly self taught in both wood & metalworking. I have a metal lathe & mill drill in my shop.

I had intended to add more info but I see you are nodding Sorry!