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Bet Your Bippy!

Most Imortant:

I want to be better known than that "animal" that was described on the "Pet Peeve" section of my Attitude page.

Is this Possible?

Bet your Bippy!

What will it take?

All Mom & Dad's friends on AOL & ICQ to foreward this URL!

Simple isn't it!

When you foreward ask all friends of K-9 Persons to foreward again.

Remember there are a lot of countries that don't see the "animal" commercials!

PetsMart This is one of my favourite places. I got my basic obedience certificate here. I love the invitation to walk up & down their isles. They even have someone with a mop follow me to mop up any drool that may happen when I am in the best sections. I once loaded some rawhide bones into Mom's shopping cart by myself. This was much to the amusement of the staff that witnessed it. It was a shame Mom had to pay for them.

I should mention my birthday is the 14th of January. I know it is expensive to mail me my favourite treat "Pedigree Marrobone Snacks" but you can get gift vouchers. Christmas is a good time too. Actually anytime is a good time!

Dad's Homepage This is where my Dad shows off his woodworking skills. He has never featured any pieces that I have modified. I am still curious about that.

Another purpose for this site is that my dad likes working on the computer.

If you like this site & would like a homepage built for you contact us by the E-Mail link on the home page

He is reasonable & honest


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