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D. Ian Ross Page 3

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The main body of these small boxes share one thing in common they are made from a single piece of wood which is divided & then hollowed. This allows nearly perfect grain alignment between base & lid. Two of the boxes have an inlay in the lid which is made from 6 pieces of Meranti Plywood & six pieces of solid stock, it is not just a veneer inlay. The box with the picture frame in the lid was designed with a special purpose in mind. The first three I made were given to family members as a container for their newborn's hospital ID braclet, with the picture frame being a receptacle for the first photo. The box in the lower left hand corner measures 2-3/4" in diam by 1-1/2" high. The box bodies are ash or maple.

 This bowl measures approximately 10" in diameter & 3" high. It consists of 66 pieces of wood. The lighter wood is spruce with the darker woods a combination of Meranti & meranti ply. My bowls are not made to act a functional salad bowls. I may repeat a design but try very hard to ensure that each is a one of a kind item. All pieces are signed.

A collection of small bowls/trays
My wife finds the trays particularly usefull as a receptacle for rings & earrings.
The laminations on the three items in the foreground are done after the piece is rough turned. This process is slightly more difficult but allows for better recentering on the lathe.
The small tray with the red centre measures approximately 4-1/4" diam. by 1-1/4" high

These items are available for sale the reason prices do not appear is due to international shipping costs. If you contact me regarding a specific item I can confirm a price.