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D. Ian Ross Page 2
My Proficiency As A Woodturner:
Although I really enjoy woodturning I do not consider myself truly proficient in the art at this time. Due to the nature of the items I make it is very difficult to achieve a thin uniform wall thickness. One reason for this is that I am constantly dealing with changes in wood grain due to the glue up process. The end result is that the walls have to be left relatively thick to allow for extensive sanding to remove inevitable tearout. I do however consider myself a reletively proficient woodworker. In order to make a laminated ring for a bowl there are usually 8 pieces of wood which means there are 16 angle cuts to make. If the angle is out by as little as 1/2 a degree the ring when assembled has an eight degree gap. In the production of a laminated bowl the actual turning is a minor operation in the woodworking process.
The offset candlesticks appearing to the left are truly sensual to the touch. The metal top is polished steel. They are very difficult to duplicate as exact pairs so I do not attempt to do it. Originally I attempted to create a very hard regular base to act as a contrast to the flowing shape of the candlestick. With the bases being so regular I was also attempting to provide some semblance of a set if a pair was desired. The darker ones are walnut with the lighter one being oak.
The plaque at the right shows a little of the diversity I enjoy in woodworking. It was made for a friend & past commodore of the Whitby Yacht Club. Another friend, who I had made a plaque for the previous year, supplied me with a beautiful piece of Brazilian Mahogony. Because of the width the plank was ripped in two.The two pieces were then resawed to produce 4 thinner pieces. Two were rejoined for the background & the third scrollsawed with her boats name. When this was glued to the background piece the grain matched to apear as a carving.
The little bowl to the left is a little closer view of a laminated bowl. It is only 6" in diameter by 3" high. It contains 74 pieces of wood consisting of ash, walnut, maple, brazilian mahogany & oak.
When Not Surfing the Web
I am also trying to produce an informative booklet for fellow woodworkers describing my: 
- construction techniques
- salvaging & drying of wood both conventionally & using a microwave
- my experiments with producing spalted lumber under controlled conditions

Thoughts of producing unfinished blanks for turners who are more limited in access to tools
 If fellow turners view this page please indicate to me by e-mail if you would be interested in this service.