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puppy1c.jpg (5664 bytes)

My first pose for that great magazine "Playpuppy"

The Photo above was taken during my early days with Mom & Dad. These were stressful times.

  • I was the last in a litter of 11 to leave my natural mum. So I mean we are talking traumatic here. I was hustled to a noisy metal thing that I now know to be a car & was whisked away. This is when I got to christen Dad. My head was in his lap when my stomach went for a little rumble.

  • Now I have been relocated to a strange place with "strange" people. More Stress!

  • First week in the new home & I am herded back in the car & taken to the "Animal Hospital" where I loose two little friends of mine. I now know that there are K-9 females who like safe sex though. Christened Mom on the ride there & Dad on the ride home.

  • More Stress!! The chair above was to be mine. With absolutely no help I learned how to make it more comfortable. Remove that hard outer covering & fluff up the nice material below it. Then there was the tables, much too plain, so a little carving here & a little carving there. It seemed like there was just no end to the redecorating I would have to complete before it really felt like home.

puppy2c.jpg (6000 bytes) No I haven't taken up smoking. That is just the end of a rawhide chew

More trouble on the learning curve. Not only did I have to modify inside the house there was the garden. Well let me leave the subject with there was a challenge & I arose to the occasion. Dad thinks this was the time that my attitude started. Could be!

gentkibble1.jpg (19973 bytes) gentchips1.jpg (10699 bytes)
A couple of pics of me feeding myself. Great self sufficiency